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Dating - Good/Bad Experiences

As mentioned in another thread, let's start a dating good experiences/bad experiences thread. Of course I want to hear a little of both 1.) to get some ideas of where and what to do on dates that outside the box and 2.) everyone loves to hear a bad dating story.

I'll start with a somewhat neutral story on the bad side. I had pursued a girl for about 8 months because we had great chemistry and she had freckles. Over eight months of chatting/hanging out on occasion we got to know each other very well. We had talked about dating and going out but our schedules never lined up. Apparently she had a date scheduled with a guy one night and he blew her off. She was already dolled up and wanted to get out so she called me. (I hope I'm painting the picture well of why we went out together) We had planned to go grab some drinks, some dinner and to play putt-putt. We go to a restaurant, order drinks and the entire time I'm trying to talk to her and joke around, she can't seem to put her phone down. I continue.....and so does she. It finally gets to where I'm saying random things as she is nodding her head, pretending to be listening, just to see her reaction....nothing. At this time, I had a facebook account so I decided to mimic her and just get on facebook and ignore much like she was doing to me. It was then that I saw she was commenting on some post on facebook. At first I thought she may have been texting her kids or something that required attention but no, I'm paying for drinks for this person to sit across from me and be on facebook. After I finish my second drink, I start making comments like, "If you don't start paying attention to me, I'm going to leave your ass here"......just a simple nod and a giggle. The next comment was, "If I leave you're paying for the drinks." Again, she giggles and smiles at me from across the table. My net comment was, "I'm going to act like I'm going to the bathroom but I'm going to leave. On my way out, I'm going to tell the waitress to give you the check." She made no form of acknowledgement whatsoever, so I got up, went to my car and left her there. She tried calling several times that evening. Hours after I had left her there, I sent her text apologizing for not answering the phone, I was preoccupied.

That evening ended on a great note, but with another girl.

Let's hear those stories!