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Originally Posted by Never_Enough View Post
Here's a bad story that ended up good. Way back in the Myspace days....

Met her on Myspace, obviously. I was 24 I believe. We dated for a bit till I caught her telling other guys on Myspace to meet up w/her at her job (Customer service at Lowes)

She was doing this on MY PC in MY apartment!!! I had a keylogger on it so she was easily busted. Confronted her &, of course, she denies it. I tell her she's caught, fess up. Then instead of man up, she asks how do I know? Fuck you, cunt!!!

That ends. Fast forward a couple months later & she is texting me for some dick. It's near my birthday now so I tell her no cock unless she buys me XYZ for my birthday. So we went shopping & she actually bought the shit for me! Banged her a few times then I ended it & she said that's ok, I was getting bored anyway. Yes, sure you were, slut.
Busted the aforementioned succubus with a keylogger, not only once but 5 different times on my laptop. Of course I was the asshole because I was spying on her, not because she was a lying, cheating manipulating whore. Funny how that works.

Speaking of threesomes.....knew a guy who worked out of town a lot. He owned an amazing 2.5 million dollar home on a bluff and asked the wife and I to house-sit for him one weekend as he just broke up with his girlfriend who was a little off kilter. He stocked the fridge with food, beer and liquor for us for the weekend. As we are on our way to the house we stop and have a few drinks at a bar on the patio. While having a few one of the wife's friends was there and ended up going back to the dudes house with us. Apparently million dollar plus homes are one of the biggest aphrodisiacs I have encountered. Needless to say, we got really drunk and took turns on each other and each other's other. Till about 3 a.m. The bear skin rug in front of the gas fireplace, the outdoor pool table, the observatory, the hot tub on the edge of the bluff......crazy night.