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The Bad:

It was 1998. I was recently divorced from my fat, low IQ, unemployed, cheating, ho-bag first wife. Got set up with this chick on a blind date. On paper she was great. In med school (smart, motivated, income potential), avid snowboarder and into martial arts (wont get fat), into punk rock (hard to find). Met up for date #1 with our mutual friend who set us up and her boyfriend. She's super hot but a total pain in the ass. More sarcastic than me. Got completely trashed. Spilled wine on me. Not much chemistry. Dropped her off at her house at the end of the night. She says "thanks" and bails fast. OK. Wont see her again. To my surprise she calls me up a couple days later and apologizes for getting so trashed. Wants to take me out for a drink because she feels bad I paid for everything on date #1. We go out on Date #2 and the chemistry is even worse. Mostly because I'm prepared for her sarcastic, pointed, style of conversation and so i just give it right back to her. F*ck it, right? You're going to come in hot and try to go toe to toe with me on pointed sarcasm? You'll lose every time honey. She retaliates by spending the whole time talking about her ex boyfriend. Yikes, this is going downhill fast. Time to pull the chute. I fake an "emergency" and get out. Last I'll see of her, or so I thought. She calls me up the next day. We chat on the phone. She's actually kinda interesting when she's not being a pain in the ass. I have no other irons in the fire and online dating has not been invented yet so WTF, I'll just hang out with her and see where it goes. Maybe Date 3 will be hilariously worse than date 2...

The Good:

Fast forward 20 years. She's still a total pain in my ass, but in the best possible way. Have not gone a single day in 20 years without talking to her. Been married for 10 of those 20 years. She's a successful doctor who can still kick my ass in the snowboard park. She's still hot AF. We still laugh that after our 3rd date she tried to pawn me off on her dumpy friend who was like "Well if he's as great as you say he is, why are you trying to set me up with him?"