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Drives: G30 530xd
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Service costs in Germany for a 530xD:
First service (oil service, standard items, microfilter, Castrol Edge Prof 0W30 oil, oil filter, active carbon filter): 390.16 eur. AdBlue refill 16.6 eur/liter+23.5 eur fee.
Total: 440 euros (January 2018)

Second service (oil service, standard items, air filter, fuel filter, microfilter, Castrol Edge Prof 0W30, additional materials oil and air filters, fuel filter cartridge, active carbon filter)
Total: 572 euros (November 2018)

So what does BMW service inclusive cover from this according to the ConnectedDrive webpage? About 261 Euros.

BMW service engine oil incl. Refill quantities (23.95 eur/liter, 6.5 liter needed=155.68 eur)
BMW Service Microfilter (2*11.75 eur=23.5 eur)
BMW Service fuel filter (5*11.75 eur=58.75 eur)
BMW service air filter insert (2*11.75 eur=23.5 eur)
BMW Service spark plugs
BMW Service brake fluid
BMW service vehicle check

I hope it helps.