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Originally Posted by lsturbointeg View Post
I'll wait for the disk to come out. Anyone else like me where I use to go watch movies in theaters religiously but with Home Theater Audio nowadays it just sounds much better at home than watching it at the theater that I actually have the patience to wait for the 4k disk to be released?
Unless itís something I want to see on imax, I wait now. I mean with 4K UHD and Atmos, I get to hear and see the movie pretty close to intended without someone I donít know talking, texting, or chewing in my ear. If they do make noise, I can pause or backup if I miss something. Plus I always have the best seat in the house.

As soon as the theaters realize direct to DVD, iTunes/Vudu is where itís at, they will probably start to figure out how to make money again. Unless they can figure out how to make going to the movies special or unique again. Doubtful. Itís kind of like Sears getting run over by Amazon. By the time they figure out they need to change their business model, they are out of business.