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Originally Posted by Now_Rudi View Post
Black Panther is a terrible movie based off the 15-20 minutes of that I watch right before I turn that garbage off. I rarely turn movies off regardless of how terrible they are. Some of my favorite all time films are just terrible. Case in point, I watched Big Trouble in Little China last night for the 50th time. I have tried to watch Black Panther 4 times now and I just can't do it. It seems like a massive waste of time to me. I'd rather watch an infomercial, at least these people realize the acting is expecting to be shitty. There is nothing more painful than watching someone attempt to act out a terribly written script with all the conviction that they will receive a multitude of awards for....oh....wait, somehow this movie received a shit ton of awards.

Black Panther is damn unwatchable and my condolences to anyone who wasted their time, writing, directing, filming, acting, assisting with production or the poor movie goes that actually sat through it.
I want no part of watching it either.