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Originally Posted by Now_Rudi View Post
I can't say that I hate on Black Panther for any reason other than if I can't make it more than 15 minutes in then it just isn't worth it. The only arguable point that you make here is that the $$$$ can not be indicative as to any basis for films these days based on how society is. No disrespect my man as I feel like we have the same taste in a lot of things but as a beacon here Minions grossed $1,217,970,720. People will throw money at whatever you put in front of them. Some of the greatest movies I've ever seen most have never heard of.
Sometimes you cannot ignore the money. It is what it is. Nobody is going to pay money to watch Shakespeare ... over and over again.

Of course it's just not the money. The reason Black Panther was so successful because there is a timeless humanity in its characters. Most movies nowaday are just a bunch of special effects with no humanity (aka Christopher Nolan).