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Originally Posted by WestRace View Post
Sometimes you cannot ignore the money. It is what it is. Nobody is going to pay money to watch Shakespeare ... over and over again.

Of course it's just not the money. The reason Black Panther was so successful because there is a timeless humanity in its characters. Most movies nowaday are just a bunch of special effects with no humanity (aka Christopher Nolan).
Originally Posted by Real Dodger View Post
Have you seen a Chris Nolan movie? Batman Begins was outstanding! What every comic movie should aspire to be. 10X better than most Marvel movies. Great acting, great plots (no gaping plot holes), good FX. Did you see Interstellar? Memento?

Was there humanity in Black Panther? A little maybe, but the plot lacked, there were plot holes, and lots of mindless FX and fights. Typical Marvel fare.

I have to agree with Dodger, you must be thinking of Michael Bay movies instead. Have you seen Dunkirk, Interstellar, Inception?

Dunkirk alone won major awards.

After looking it up, 3 Oscars.