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Originally Posted by WestRace View Post
I have not seen Paul Blart Mall Cop, but have seen Nutty Professor. Nice popcorn movie.

Every director makes good or bad movies. Nobody makes good movies all the time. What I don't like about Nolan is all his movies are somewhat pretentious and lacking authenticity and I would call them "pseudo intellect". They pretend to be serious but looking deeper they are somewhat superficial.

Black Panther does not pretend to be anything but a piece of entertainment. Of course it's more than that. As I said there is a timeless humanity. The fight scene on water on the mountain cliff was one of the most original scenes I have seen lately (along with Ben Hur horse race scene) albeit at a smaller scale but no less grit. I am sure both guys and girls can find something they like in that scene.
I really can't disagree with anything that you've said here other than my opinion on The Nutty Professor movies. I'd rather be the recipient of a solid direct punch to the testicles than to watch any of those movies. Being subjected to certain stimuli, I can actually feel the decrescence of my I.Q. I can't help but feel like The Klumps, Paul Blart and country music are all somehow related in this manner. Somewhere in a distant remote volcanic underground lair, there is an evil mastermind using these tools against society to level the playing field. It's the dumbing down of those who oppose and the smartening up of those who are fans.

To clarify, the latter of the examples given - If at any point on a Wednesday you have quoted the "Hump Day Camel" from Geico commercials in an attempt to be humorous you are definitely defined as the latter.