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I went by myself to see They Shall Not Grow Old last night. I'm moved by the sheer potential of the human race. I'm equally worried for the US, fearful that a Civil War is just around the corner, waiting to ignite.

When prisoners were taken, while there was still some visible animosity among combatants, there was also a huge realization that "Gerry" wasn't really all that different than your or I. Just doing what he was told, by his politicians. I imagine many of you distinguished veterans discovered that among all but the most heinous of your adversaries?

WTF is wrong with British oral health, though? These were 16-25 yo men who had no freaking teeth. The spoke about their kit including a toothbrush, but then said that was used almost exclusively to polish their buttons . . .

The final scene of the bandoliers, whom many we had seen before. The one poor kid was so shell-shocked it was hard to watch.