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Originally Posted by Real Dodger View Post
The kid with the shaking right hand, walking up the path? Haunting.

As for as teeth go, we are only seeing English kids. Other nations probably had equally bad, if not worse, oral health back then.
No, it was a blonde kid with WIDE eyes, as they were waiting in the slight valley. The kid looked almost like the black lab with the eyes that everyone uses for a meme.

If you watched the after-event where the director actually went to the place to get a good idea of the color for the ground/grass. He was in the exact same location. In that follow-up, they were able to show some of the same guys from multiple scenes that you might not have caught watching the whole movie.

The kid with that shaking hand, I just couldn't decide if that was psychosomatic or maybe he got gassed.

Seeing that gas creeping across the field towards the camera, I get a shiver even now.