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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post

Meh, I believe you are putting too much stock in the media and what you see and read via the internet and on television. I know you don't live in this country, but if you did and could see the average day to day folks - you would find that the vast majority are mostly in the center, leaning a bit left or a bit right. Most tend to have socially liberal views and fiscally conservative views and still believe in American exceptionalism.

If you put a moderate democrat and a moderate republican up against each other, the moderate democrat will probably win nearly every time. You start pushing them out to the edges more, though, and folks start swinging to the right. This is what happened during 2016.

Mark my words - if anyone but Biden and maybe Harris (maybe) win the nomination for the Democrat ticket, Trump will win. If Biden wins the primary, he will win. If Harris wins, it will be a toss up.
And you are probably right. Certainly you are much closer to what people actually feel - I only have the admittedly very limited sources available to me. None of which are as good as first hand.

Though the forums are interesting aren't they? Because while I do believe the media is biased, the forums...well, they are just people feeling rather anonymous and therefore, they tend to type their true feelings here wouldn't you agree? At least politically. They aren't going to shoot themselves in the foot with other deep dark secrets...but politically, I think they are as close to first hand, and realistically basically are first hand as you or I can get - and cutting across a wide section of the country, not limited geographically to your city / surrounding area.

Arguably a good representation. Of course, you could make arguments that perhaps the type of person who is attracted to a BMW forum tends to vote a certain way, but we can still see lines drawn here.
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he's Canadian. By international law we all must worship him and all other products of the country.