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Originally Posted by Blksnowflake View Post
While a Rolex is as durable as it's ever been, you're in denial if you think any Rolex even with a brushed oyster bracelet is a tool watch. No one in this new watch world of shortages and inflated values is going out to buy even an Exp 2 specifically to go hiking in the backwoods.

This idea of a tool watch is antiquated and something that some people hold on to from the 50's when there actually and literally wasn't any alternative. While in 1955 a GMT was a "tool watch" for pilots, today it is just as useful but by no means as necessary and definitely not a tool watch. Heck, the PP 5711 is supposed to be Patek's sports watch. Let's see how many people put that watch on to go do tool-y things.
The Submariner is a tool watch designed by Rolex for divers. Many still use the watch in that capacity. Iím one of those people. Itís not my primary tool for calculating bottom time but it a reliable back up. In a sport/hobby/ job where one can get in serious trouble pretty quick at depth with loss of life a constant concern having redundant tools is paramount. Just like carrying a pony bottle of air if one has a failure in their main tanks. Itís a mandatory tool-y thing that most deep divers utilize be it a Submariner or other brand. I donít dive without mine.
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