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Agreed. The battery can certainly deplete quickly when driving (my range can drop from 24 kms to 21 kms shortly after I pull out of my driveway) and the maximum range I have ever seen displayed is 25 kms (much lower in the winter). Even though the range starts at 24 kms the displayed range is typically 5 kms or less when I get to work ( a commute of 11 kms) and in the winter I never make it 11 kms on battery alone. Much depends on traffic, temperature, driving mode. I read somewhere on this forum that the best way to maximize electric range is to drive in eco pro mode and on Max edrive. That seems to work the best for me but my commute is generally in heavy stop and go traffic where I don't mind the reduced performance.

Is it possible that your car has been set to pre-condition itself (e.g. cool down) and this is the reason the battery is draining while sitting?