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Hello all,

I've had my car coded with CarPlay from Almaretto, and would like to change this to full-screen CarPlay following the changes in iOS 13 (which I have on my iPhone).

Can anyone here provide me with the coding to upgrade to full-screen without impacting my CarPlay coding provided by Almaretto?

I've tried to get in touch but I think he's a little busy at the moment....
You can upgrade to iOS 13 which should not affect anything. I am running the developer version without a problem.

Enabling widescreen functionality involves making modifications to the CarPlay.INI file on the head unit to change the resolution and icon spacing. It has nothing to do with iOS.
Thanks. I'm aware of all this. Perhaps I worded it wrong. I want to take advantage of the new CarPlay UI by enabling full screen CarPlay on my iDrive and for this I'd like to get it coded. 🙂
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