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Good to know, thanks for sharing. I am definitely interested in the CarPlay widescreen activation from them since it can be done without remote programming and reapplied to the same vehicle just in case it gets reset after a service appointment. What are the options if I wanted to put it back for any reason? This is not just a simple coding change because it requires modifications to the CarPlay.ini file for the new resolution and icon spacing. That's why BimmerCode can't do it. Just want be able to go back if I needed to.

I do have another question about the CarPlay subscription itself that I see them and others offering. I have always paid for CarPlay directly through BMW, so what does buying their CarPlay activation buy me? Does it go from yearly to lifetime?
You should confirm this with Thomas from OEM Navigations, but my understanding is yes you can go back to the stock OEM setup (BMW split screen). When you start the coding tool, it asks you if you want to restore the stock back up. If you hit OK, it'll code the original version for you, else it'll code the update.

Plus if you take their CarPlay activation, it's a lifetime option. (E.g. It won't expire in 3 years).
You're right, he's very responsive. As far as the lifetime subscription is concerned, he suggested that I wait until my existing subscription runs out. Thanks again for all of the info.
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