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Would love to see him do himself or someone else off him and then the Clinton or other guilty party get caught for it but I donít think it will go down that way. I donít think heíll get out on bail considering the severity and disgustingness of the crimes and itís not so easy or painless to off ones self in the system and heís likely in protective custody now. Not forgetting that killing ones self is not for the faint of heart and not something that most can bring themselves to go through with, for real.

I think heíll make it to trial and likely be a cooperating witness and roll over on other pervs to lessen the sentence but of course heís doing serious prison time either way. Maybe after heís convicted and sentenced to his 30 years or whatever he might self terminate after experiencing general population with the fellas.
do wish he would die before then to save the poor victims of the horror of having to go to trial.
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