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Originally Posted by ScottSinger View Post
I may be totally wrong, but I thought that Rolex parts were impossible to get.
There is a market for used Rolex parts because Rolex will not sell to independent repair shops - I don’t even think Rolex sells parts to authorized dealers ?
Rik has a Rolex parts account and is a CW21 certified watchmaker. If nothing else it's worthwhile talking with him. Regarding parts accounts, I'm sorry, you are totally wrong. Rik does a great job and has worked on my watches before.

Originally Posted by FCBuff View Post
Hi guys, hopefully you can lend some advice. I inherited a vintage date just from an uncle who passed away. Watch is approx 30 years old? It has been my daily for many years. I recently dropped it and something broke internally. It now runs very fast.

I checked into an authorized Rolex repair in Boulder and they wanted minimum agreement of $1250 up front before the watch was even looked at. Seems steep for a watch that is probably worth $2500? Is the "authorized" Rolex repair worth it? Are non authorized repair shops ok? Anybody you would recommend in Colorado ?

I love the watch and want to fix it. Also want it to be done right. At the same time don't want to be bent over...

Thanks in Advance.

Also, I've never heard of anything like an RSC (Rolex Service Center) demanding money just to look at a watch. Since there are none in Boulder it wasn't a Rolex shop. The two biggies in the US are in Dallas and NYC. If it would make you feel better than you might contact them and see what they say.

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