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Originally Posted by TSM330i View Post
That's funny, because when I sent my 1973 GMT for service to the RSC I told them I wanted just the movement serviced and that was it. Nothing else was to be touched. If they wouldn't do what I wanted, please send it back.

My AD, with whom I'd sent it through, thought it would be "great to have a brand new watch again" with all the new parts and actually argued with me about it. They had no clue that the insert as-is was worth 10x what a new one is worth I had to explain to them why it was worth more as original rather than restoring it. They agreed and sent it in.

Of course RSC had made several "recommendations" during the service - polish the case, change the dial and hands, replace the insert etc. My dial and hands to not glow at all anymore.

I declined and they serviced just the movement and sent my watch back. Now I have a warranty on the service work and fully backed and authenticated by Rolex. This is a big deal when it comes to watches without any paperwork as my GMT does not have any.
As I said, in my case they gave no alternative choice. I should have pulled the watch and had it serviced at an independent. Regarding the value of papers; it depends on the watch. I had my 14060 serviced and received the warranty. Actually it wasn't through an RSC but through a shop that could give a Rolex warranty. It got the Rolex card but not the replacement dial and hands. Since Rolex searches the history of the watch they somewhat guarantee authenticity. But as some have noted, papers are the most easily counterfeited part of the Rolex package.