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Originally Posted by 3798j View Post
Something's off...two different sites listing Corvette production numbers by years don't agree with you (although their numbers don't exactly agree either).

C6 2013 13,466
C6 2012 11,647
C6 2011 13,596
C6 2010 12,194
C6 2009 16,956
C6 2008 35,310
C6 2007 40,561
C6 2006 34,021
C6 2005 37,372

Regardless, if one looks at the first three year production numbers for C4 (126,385), C5 (100,634), C6 (103,888), and C7 (98,163), it's easy to believe early C8 numbers will be good.
C5, not C6. Finger slipped. Don't know what I was thinking.
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