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Originally Posted by hooligan_COLD View Post
OK. Show me evidence that Hunter wasn't an active participant on AMTRAK's board and I'll agree that he has no relevant qualifications or experience for the position he had at Burisma - not that his hiring alone means Joe did anything untoward to aid Burisma in any way.

GWB put Hunter on the AMTRAK board. Was he trying to "buy" political influence by doing so?
I have no clue what his involvement on the board was, just stating that being on a board doesn't automatically qualify you to be on another.

I am on my kids school board right now, they most likely choose me because of past board experience. But I happily admit to them that I am not qualified for this and have no clue how I am helping. They need bodies, so they leave me on anyways.

On the GWB thing, possibly, I think "corruption" does cross the aisle sometimes. Again, I am just speaking out of my ass though, I have no real clue.