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Highway vibrations

I have a lovely g30 2,0d from 2018 which has done 30.000km. I am having issues with vibrations at speeds around 80km/h and highway speeds e.g >120km in the entire car. The car is under warranty, so the dealer have replaced the tyres, they have done balancing of the wheels including Road force balance and alignment of the car. Only after the general alignment the vibrations were almost gone, but having changed to summer tyres they came back. So i have changed the tyres back to the original tyres (17) but the vibrations are still there and are driving me crazy.

Conclusion so far; the vibrations are not caused by wheels, tyres, balancing or brakepads. The dealer argues that its a construction fault on the car mainly due to the construction of the rear suspension. I rejected the argument as BMW will never develop a premium car in this class with this kind of fault but having tried several g30 I might be mistaking, as many of these cars had the symptoms to a degree.

Any one with similar problem ??