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Originally Posted by Bmw g30 View Post
Yeah... But Iím running out of ideas. As mentioned I have seen the same issue on several cars. The dealer can align the car but when you change wheels the problem Comes back. However, Iím very keen on hearing any proposals... Will make sure to Update if I make any progress
"... you change wheels the problem comes back", that's the biggest clue it is still with the wheel assemblies. Besides still having balance issues, mounting accuracy, run-out, tires are faulty, are possible issues.

A general observation, "design flaw" gets used, I don't see that, or all cars would suffer the same problem. There is the possibility the 'tolerance stack' for a few builds are contributing to a problem. Changing something that 'rotates', can reduce, or amplify the issue.

There have been similar vibration issues with the F10 models, a few persistent, with no apparent solution. Usually a change in intensity with wheel changes, balancing, etc., even if not cured. Other examples no issue at all, even as miles are added.

I recall one F10 user had gone through all sorts of attempts (changing wheel sets, multiple balances) for a solution. Never completely eliminated the vibrations. Then with a routine tire change, problem completely disappeared.