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Don't worry. HMI means human machine interface. My 2017 and 2019 540 doesn't have this listed either (maybe the 2017 had it in the past but it's been to dealer for reprogramming 3 times since new). Seems BMW removed this from the USB upgrade option. Doesn't really matter since BMW has been pretty bad about releasing USB download updates.

You now have iDrive firmware version S, which is current.
Thanks for the reply I was in panic until your message

So no function has been disabled in my car. Right?

What changes & new features does S version have? I couldn't find anything new in the menus (only unnecessary constant navigation arrow on the top right corner has been gone and fuel consuption bar has changed-there is a curve under 0 now-slightly )

While I am not privy to internal BMW documents, I would not be concerned that you may have lost functionality. They likely just hid the HMI from that screen or made it so its no longer user upgradable. Doesn't matter because they never really issue updates through the website anyway.

BMW doesn't issue release notes. Most of the changes are minor bug fixes and little things like what you already identified. BMW has only issued release notes for the one or two OTA updates they pushed out for some iDrive 7 cars. And even those release notes appear to be heavily sanitized by the marketing and legal departments.
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