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Originally Posted by bd307 View Post
Besides the impeachment BS we are seeing, I think the Virginia gun control BS is another losing ground the Dems are trying to dig themselves in.

Trump is really getting to their nerves I guess.
Yeah - I am only about 20 miles from the border, so it is in the news frequently here.

Curious to see how this plays out - all the Sheriffs in the counties around where I live are passing referendums noting they are a 2A sanctuary and will not comply with laws that violate the constitution - basically using the same play as the leftist cities using sanctuary city laws for immigration.

The other day, the Governor of VA said that if the Sheriffs didn't comply with any gun regulations the state passes, then he will just send in the national guard to force them to comply.

Several of the Sheriffs in this area, including one in Tazwell County basically laughed at him on camera and said "Yeah, go ahead and give that a whirl and see how it works out."

1) I don't believe he has the authority to make the national guard do that and
2) If you want a civil war, that is a great way to get one.

It's all just pomp and circumstance - I doubt anything is really going to come of it, but it's fun to watch from my side of the border.

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