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540i tuning parts for Pure hybrid + driving dynamics vs 440i

Hi all,

I was planning to buy F36 440i & go for Pure treatment (hybrid stage 2 800 turbos, decat DP, eventuri intake, meth kit, upgraded charge pipe, FMIC and radiator). I ordered parts, but then found great deal on G30 540i . However it seems the upgrade parts I had are not interchangeable (only DP & turbos) & are not available as most tuning happens on 550s. Does anybody here run Pure 540i? Probably not the Stage 2 since its new - but maybe planning?

Could you tell me if there are any such parts and who makes them?
1. FMIC - didn't find anything (Wagner, ATM, CSF); only CSF mentioned a new unit in April
2. Radiator - didn't find anything
3. Intake - didn't find anything - I was told eventuri one won't fit :/
4. Meth kit - ??? not sure
5. Charge pipe - VRFS (saw here in forum)
6. HPFP - I know Ill have to update - but I think this will be the same as in F series right?

Lastly - how do the driving dynamics differ from 440i? It is a bigger car, but the curb weight is similar for xDrive models. 440i apparently is lower and feels more sporty - can anybody comment?

Thanks a ton!