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G30 B58 540i Muffler Delete Installed

Before this I did a resonator delete and the sound had a good tone to it but not enough volume so I decided to take the risk of removing my mufflers. I removed the muffler from my 540i today and put my resonator back on. First impressions: The right exhaust tip started rattling upon startup which was not there before. The sound is vastly louder from outside and in the cabin. I was expecting pops and bangs but they did not occur even in sport mode. There is drone present between 1.5-2.5k rpm but is not terrible. The car is almost as quiet as stock when off throttle or under light load. The real difference is when accelerating over 3k. The sound is amazing! It is very fierce now with a rip through the upshifts and occasional burbles on downshifts. I hope that the muffler delete develops pops and bangs over time as that is the only thing missing from the soundtrack. Overall, I'd recommend doing it if you don't mind a bit of drone.