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Originally Posted by NEfan508 View Post
Yep, grown men and women (not with kids) paying hundreds for making a lightsaber, staying in line too

my son wanted one so I got it, if no little millers around I wouldn't be @ Disney, key west all day every day if I could.
I think they are like $199 now AND you have to book it weeks in advance. Honestly... Disney has the biggest focking scam going. We were in the area for something else and got enticed by their FL resident special for like $60/day if you bought 3 days.

Went to Magic Kingdom one day and fuck that shit never again! Didn't even use the other 2 days. What a horrible little park of horrors! An hour in line just to get into the park (if you had to buy tickets add another half hour or more). Every freaking ride was an hour wait at least and it's the same exact shit they had 2 decades ago that was already outdated back then.

They literally had a ride with over an hour wait, we got a fast pass for it, only reason we went. Shit was literally 2 min long ride and looked like something a crazy dude would build in his basement.

Yet people are lined up to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars to come here.