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Originally Posted by luke1990 View Post
Hi guys,

I'm in a process of buying 540ix G30. I am looking at few offers right now, trying to find the right one. One thing in particular I would like is the Nappa, or Merino leather interior as I don't like how the Dakota leather feels.

Issue is, someone just bought the car I wanted, and now there is one good one with unfortunately Dakota leather interior.

I found few offers on Ebay for full set of various G30 interiors - e.g. this Merino leather one. I have some questions about the exchange though:
1. Anybody has any experience with changing these? I.e. how difficult it is and if regular BMW mechanic can do it? I see that entire center console must be replaced
2. If I had the same exact spec of the seats - e.g. my previous ones and these ones were both massage & vented - would it be plug & play? No coding?
3. If these were different - e.g. I got vented seats, but didn't have them before - would it be possible to get working?
4. Do I need to pay attention to the speaker grills? E.g. If the door would have B&W speakers and I had H&K - would that fit?

Thanks a ton!

p.s. I know its not the best solution - but the car I am looking at now is even with this investment (excluding work of course) cheaper so that's why I am thinking about it
That sounds like a MAJOR pain. Merino option includes leather dash and leather down sides of console. I think you should continue looking for a car with the options you really want.