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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
Nice man keep it up! Progress is progress any way you look at it. You may need to stoke you metabolism a little. I'd slightly increase your calories for a week or two, then drop back down to the 1825 mark. Your body is most likely accustom to the amount of calories that you have been taking in and as a result it isn't working as efficiently as it could be.
Thanks dude! After my post I went and did a tdee calculator for my current weight etc, and than figured out the approx daily caloric deficit , did the math and it showed approx 2.8lb loss per week so I guess the 2.2 is not too far off from that ! I knew when /i first started the weight would drop off substantially quicker, thought I'd be lucky and have another couple weeks of good losses before it settled in at the 2-3lb week mark thats generally suggested.

So I think I'm on the right path and will stick with the 1825, if I don't lose 2lb or more when I weigh myself next Weds I will reassess , however I think I'm on the steady path of 2-3lb a week now. Hopefully I won't lose too much muscle that way either !!