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Originally Posted by signes View Post
BMW should be thanking IMSA. Contrived BOP resulted in a relatively easy win for the BMW. Sandbagging is right. Will be interesting to see how it gets tweaked for the next round.
I was at the race and would disagree this was an easy win. The M8 was only faster on the banking, especially from the bus stop to turn 1 than the Porsche’s and Corvette’s. Both those cars were much better on the brakes and infield than the BMW’s. Ultimately it was fuel strategy that got them ahead in the last hour. It was a great race to watch, but actually doesn’t bode well for the M8 the rest of the season as there strength will be limited to courses with long straight aways.

It is interesting that Crohn ran a 1:42 in his last stint, but I think that had more to do with pushing hard at the end to stay ahead and no longer needing to save the car than sandbagging. The Porsche’s are stout and will likely dominate the rest of the year.