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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
pi-hole is interesting. I may look into that. Have you done any research on it? Turning over DNS duties to an app is no small step.
Actually, it is pretty simple...assuming that you are using DHCP for your clients and your chosen DHCP server has the ability to hand out a custom DNS server IP address. If not, you can still use it by having a home-grade router use the Pi-hole for DNS instead of the upstream ISP or one of the free/paid cloud resolvers. You just lose the per-client filtering options.

I have used Pi-hole for a few years, specifically to block FB and FBCDN.

Funny IT professional story from yesterday. I was asked by a local elementary school yesterday for my opinion on a $150 black box that they found for filtering traffic on classroom tablets. The vendor's web site only has one picture of the device, and even that couldn't hide that it was a Raspberry Pi. Not a single picture of the config/interface screens, and no online manual to see that it is a re-branded Pi-hole. At less than a 50% markup and bundled with lifetime support and K-12 filter database subscription, it isn't worth the headache of telling them how to make their own to save $50.....
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