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Originally Posted by nyalpine90 View Post
had an account back in 08, i notice it was just a window for people to gossip and make judgement of what others were doing with their lives.
When i found out my wife was preg, we decided it was time to keep our lives private.
Well that didnt sit well with certain family members, they took it upon themselve to post pics of my son all over facebook. I do not have any contact with them.
one of the major reasons why i fell out of love with facebook. my wife is the perfect example. its always somethign about someone doing a home renovation, or buying a new handbag, or getting plastic surgery. i had to tell her.. if you are always going to worry about what someone else is doing.. or what someone else has will never be happy. she was brainwashed by what she was seeing.. and felt the overwhelming urge to "keep up with the joneses" so to speak.