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Originally Posted by spta97 View Post
An old coworker told me that the iPhone app would listen in on your conversations. I didnít believe it until my gf and i weíre talking randomly about Ford Explorers. She opened up the Facebook app to check something and sure enough, had an add for the new Ford Explorer. Never typed/emailed/texted or searched for them.

Coincidence? Perhaps, but I doubt it.

Outside of FB, she was also looking for a job and I started getting email about Glassdoor jobs - a site I havenít visited in 5 years.

I only had a shell FB account with a fake name when on Bumble. I never posted anything.
i had a similar experience but with instagram. My wife was looking for storage solutions for the house. we were having a physical conversation about a shoe cubby from the container store that someone mentioned. keep in mind i have never accessed anything container store related from my phone.. and what do i see when i logged into instagram. an ad from container store for a shoe cubby.
i got totally freaked out... i need to quit the internet