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Originally Posted by greasypeanut View Post
Back in my college days (11 years ago) I was very into "high end denim" but more specifically selvedge denim jeans that one would buy "raw" and overtime, the jeans would be distressed based off of your everyday activities and body type.

Since I think I read OP wear jeans everyday, that might be a cool thing for one to do. I for one have stopped spending the $200+ dollars on a pairs of jeans but still practice the whole idea of distressing my own pair of raw jeans. I have a pair of Levi's 541 (Ridgid Dragon color) that I have been wearing on and off for the past 2 years. Levi's also makes their LVC collection which is similar to RRL. My favorite brand back in my college days was sugarcane.

Check out the Superdenim subforum on or styleforum has their denim subforum as well. Also is a good site for the purchase of these types of denim
It's hard to argue the value of Levis. Even their MiUSA selvedge jeans are cheaper than most of the fashion brands being talked about here.

I still prefer goofy brands like Samurai, Oni and PBJ, but a new pair of 511's is still hard to beat.