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Split folding seats? Xdrive or not?

I am aiming to get into a G30 soon and one of the things that annoyed me about the F30 was not having folding seats. I tried to search for it but think this also isnít easily retrofitted in the G30, am I correct? Can you potentially remove the backseat easily and does it have a gap or is there still framework behind it?

I testdrove a G30 non-xdrive and found the car had quite a bit of wheelspin even when I wasnít trying. Is xdrive a Ďmustí on these or should I just leave my M-feet at home?

Any other tips/recommendations? Been looking at a 530e/530d/540i. I donít care about fuel as I donít do a lot of mileage, therefore believe the 530e will be the cheapest to run as I can commute on the battery and charge at work.