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Originally Posted by ejlover06 View Post
Thanks for the clarification. So that means if I see a false() value under any options in the CAFD files that means it is also impossible to FDL code that function so I should abandon the project since G30 doesn't support it. Am I correct?

I was also working on VZA, EDP and ISA. I'll check verifications for them like you've showed

Sometimes they show a boolean code instead. I think it is a precondition but it's in this format: cat[@val<"128"][crit[@val=1735] and I don't understand it.

Cat takes 128 or 255 values I think they are active and not active which refers to code/option/etc. with code 1735. How can I know what 1735 is?

Update: I've found it from FA/FP editor of CAFD Tool.

But I also realize that I've coded a Compass in the boardcomputer and it works in the instrument cluster. Codes related with it shows exactly like the screen shot you've shared Xpath was false for G30 on all parameters I've changed. But it works.
Yes for general pre-packaged options if there is no boolean then its not supported. Production features have boolean so that the car can be configured if it is 1) supported 2) paid for

There are some exceptions to this such as ViM and other features (compass?) that are not production released but are supported in i-step. These may have no boolean or are set false, but we know they work when activated.

When you VO Code your car it checks the FA for parameters - car build version, region, options (pre-req and new code options), blocking codes, etc. The target ECU is then coded based upon the boolean and FA. This is how dealers retrofit options such as 1CR - they don't FDL code.

1735 is 5AT- Driving Assistant Plus, so wherever this is set to true, if your FA has that option and all other conditions are met, then this will be coded aktiv. Still doesn't mean it will work as you may not have the hardware, so you generally see an error in ISTA.

You can use TM's ncdtool to quickly determine what the boolean codes correspond with and decrypt what is actually being set.

To add - in your Remote Start Example, on cars where it is supported all of those codes that are set to false for the G30, have boolean. So you add 1CR to the FA of a G05 and you get:
DWA Motor Remote: aktiv [01]

C_EPBI_Remote_Start: aktiv [01]



STANDKLIMA_MOTORLAUF: AKTIV_Alle_Aktivierungswege [01]

ALH_AKTIV_IN_PWF_ZUSTAND: ab_Standfunktionen [02]
TCM_REMOTE_START: aktiv [01]
VOKO_SHZ_ALHZ: VOKO_aktive_alle_Sitze [0F]

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