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Originally Posted by 320what View Post

Probelm for BMW is that their cars are not really luxury enough to be in demand by the elite rich who will keep buying Porsches and Lambos. BMW is a mass market luxury car, therefore it WILL suffer from the drop in demand. So expect factory closures, cost cutting, quality going a bit down. all the good stuffˇ. I imagine that quality wise, E46 would remain as best made 3 series for a while.
You've got to be kidding. One of the largest Lambo dealers just recently closed its doors due to low demand. The economy is affecting EVERYBODY!

Originally Posted by herbz View Post
maybe your dad should sell your (his) car and try teaching his son the value of money.

or you could try moving out, getting a job, not taking anything from daddy and see how long it takes to make enough to buy the 335i you're driving.
A bit uncalled You're making huge assumptions without any knowledge about their financial situation.