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Originally Posted by Bobby_Light View Post
That's the thing. The US doesn't produce anything anymore. We buy imported goods - largely from Asia. You can buy stuff, but you're not supporting the US; you're supporting foreigners in most cases. China is the new US. They will be reaping the benefits of their efforts in the 21st century much like the US did in the 20th century.
20% of our entire GDP is manufacturing.
In some states as much as 30% of entire state GDP.

There are maybe half a dozen nations whose ENTIRE GDP manages to exceed just our manufacturing GDP.

Imports are just highly visible, because we have many cheap items that are simply everywhere.

We just need people to get used to things, so they can get over their discomfort, and start buying again. You need demand to pay people's salaries.
Saving is nice and all, but if everyone saves then we all lose more money in the long run via lost income.

People like to jump to extremes. "We have to all save!" "We have to all spend!". Seriously... just do both in moderation. Get a grip and start enjoying life, and in the mean time put some cash aside each month. This isn't rocket science. Balance your impatience versus your income. Elementary subtraction is the only skill you need to win at this game.