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M Power!

UPDATE 6/18/09 Alright folks! Here are a couple of pictures of the engine! Right now it's currently having the oil pan retrofitted.

You can see the transmission in the picture right next to the engine. The tranny is from another M3 with only 44,000 miles on it. Hard to tell if it was driven hard or not unless we open her up. After inspecting the clutch (OEM Sachs) it looks to be in very good condition. Which is good because this is another part I did not want to replace. BMW transmissions are typically rock solid so I'm not too worried here.

There are a few things I have to replace and buy for the engine before we can begin the install. One of them is a few sensors. The knock sensor is missing but should run about $60-80 dollars used. Also, new belts..hoses..blah blah. The engine sat around for about a year and a half since the last time it was turned over. Because of this the water pump might be bad. It's hard to tell until we actually have the motor in the car and working, thus checking for leaks. If this turns out to be bad, a new water pump should run me about $170.

To A/C or not to A/C? That is the question! Currently there is no A/C compressor on the motor. While this isn't terribly expensive, the labor involved in retrofitting an AC into the car might be more trouble than it's worth. Then there is the matter of converting it from freon to R134. I can live without AC, so I might just scratch that from the list.

Like I said before, the headers have been ordered from Raceland's eBay store and should arrive soon. The ECU and wiring harness (not pictured) are from a '95 325i M50 motor. The ECU is currently running a Conforti tune but I will be swapping that out for a more customized and aggressive tune from either Active Autowerke or a local tuner who specializes in custom maps for projects like these. There will be a custom cold air intake fitted to the engine with a cone filter at the bottom of the car. With headers, software, intake and exhaust I could be looking at roughly 230-240whp. Pair that power to a lightweight and nimble e30 and that spells some serious fun.

Stay tuned for more updates!