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Originally Posted by HifiSyd View Post
Thanks for the info, Doug! I'll give this a shot. Any ideas on how to transfer existing blu rays (or digital copies)? or does utorrent pretty much make that a moot point? (Next dumb question... hypothetically of course... I assume downloading any copyrighted content is illegal?) If so, any good legal options?
Can I assume the digital copies are provided on the bluray discs you bought? If so just pop them into your PC (assuming you have a bluray drive) and then you should be able to extract the files to wherever you like. My guess is you don't have a bluray compatible drive and the solution to this would be some sort of pain in the ass procedure, when you could just easily use uTorrent.

Yeah it's illegal, but do you really care? I know I couldn't give two shits, especially if you already own the DVD. Why would you spend $20 on a bluray that you are just going to watch once or twice, when the option of simply downloading the digital file with one click and then transferring it to your tablet is free? And this way you can also watch TV shows without commercials.

If you want to be a goody-two-shoes then be my guest, but it's just hurting your wallet and enjoyment of your new tablet. With that said, I don't know of any legal options, Netflix maybe? If you do want to be a goody-two-shoes but still want to get the digital files (without feeling like you're stealing), then just buy the real DVDs and then download digital copies from torrents...or better yet donate the money you would've spent on the DVDs to starving children that could actually use it and download the digital copies anyway.