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Originally Posted by tracer bullet View Post
The College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario (CDHO) has barred Alex Tanase...
Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
Reading comprehension. It's a gift that not everyone has.

College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario

"The provincial regulatory body for over 12,500 registered dental hygienists in Ontario."


"Government of the provinces which are responsible for public schooling, health and social services, highways, the administration of justice, and local government."

You are both correct in certain parts and wrong in others IMO.

Tracer is correct in that it is the Ontario college, not the government per se. The College is a "self regulatory body", meaning that it is responsible to regulate its own members, with the view to obtain that which is best in the public's interest / to protect the public. The College is not the government, nor is it made up of politicians - it is made up of professionals from that particular profession. So in this sense, it is not the government who made this stupid rule up.

Run Silent is right in that the authority to self regulate themselves was handed down by the provincial government so that they didn't need to maintain expertise in said area. And if the College makes a stupid rule like that and the government doesn't say "hold on a minute, that's stupid", well then, the government has some culpability here too.

All parties, including the hygienist, are stupid here.