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I was curious how will the BPM Stage 1 compare to Racechip GTS and did one pull today on the way from work...
Same altitude and same outside temp as during my testing... you are over 0.5 sec faster than me 60-100... mine is a piggyback and yours is flash... all makes sense.

At the same time, if I dropped 0.7sec from stock and you dropped another 0.5sec... that means that you dropped more than 1sec in 1/4 mile... considering stock car does 12.1-12.2 and the fastest we have seen is 10.9 on the dragy with stage 2 flash... either you have m850 engine or something is going on... lol

Have you tried doing a few runs in stock mode... if not, can you? Would love to see the delta the same way I showed in my testing.

I am in northwest suburbs, let's meet up for a run.
Damn man, I didn't realize you are this close. I'm in Algonquin.
I did 0-60 and couldn't do better then 3.69... so not sure how would the 1/4 go. I'm planning to visit Great Lakes Strip pretty soon if you want to join.