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Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
That remains to be seen in this hyper tilted market, where SUVs and trucks are now far outpacing sedan and sports car sales. And we haven't even hit peak SUV/Truck yet, while overall automotive sales are already trending DOWN.

IMO the hype is there, but the number of available BUYERS aren't. From a marketing perspective...There really isn't going to be significant market to be found here. Unless Sports Car sales are coming back, it's hard to convince someone in need of a new car to spend it on a $60K Corvette rather than a $60K cross-over.

And in the event of a likely recession, well...It's going to be doubly as hard to convince someone to spend on a frivolous purchase.
Was it a frivolous purchase when you bought yours? It certainly wasnít for me and many Corvette owners I know. Youíve just taken the position of full outright denial Iím afraid. The Bowling Green assembly line added another full time shift to crank out C8ís and still the numbers donít lie. People are scrambling to get the new car, Iíve seen it myself in two local Chevrolet dealers. This Vette is a game changer and C7 sales slowed to a trickle because everyone wants the new mid Vette, even some die hard BMW owners right on this site.
Likely recession? Now youíre really scratching and digging.
Iím pretty sure youíre going to be eating a lot of crow come next year.
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