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Originally Posted by minn19 View Post
You'll never get me to defend most Kennedy's politically. Though I do think JFK did some great things for the US, namely kick starting Apollo and all the good that came from that program etc.

But, I still disagree a crime wasn't committed here. It is another very clear violation of the Emoluments Clause IMO (which doesn't matter I know). How do you think the call would of went or what would happen to military aid had he even just disagreed with Trump? I think we all know the answer to that and both DJT/Zelensky certainly knew what would happen.

Plus, there is quite a bit more to come out I'm guessing in regards to Giuliani and this matter. It is just one phone call.

Any way, thanks for the civil discourse even though we disagree.
1) I don't think a crime was committed here, but as you mentioned, we can agree to disagree, and that is what makes good discourse, well.....good discourse.

2) Even if you feel a crime was committed here (i.e. quid pro quo), it has to be proven at the senate trial. Once proven, 2/3 of the entire senate would have to vote guilty. Let's all be honest - is that really gonna happen? No freaking way.

3) So even if he is charged with a crime and impeached by the house (like Bill Clinton), there is no way that he is going to be found guilty in the Senate (like Clinton), so none of this matters anyway (again, like Clinton). So why are we really even arguing a point, that in all reality, is completely moot anyway? lol.

4) When are we getting that beer/shine?

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