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Originally Posted by Captain Blood View Post
After reading the transcript, a few things strand put:

1. Trump called the former proscecuter who was fired "very good":
The Pre·sident: Good because I· heard you had a prosecutor
who· was very·good and he was shut down and that's really unfair.

Shokin is universally regarded as someone who was totally blocking corruption investigations, including Burisma. Why would Trump call him "very good"? And Shokin was blocking the investigation. Blocking it. I guess that makes sense in Trumpworld, but not to me.

2. Why would Trump involve Giuliani in this? He is not a part of the US government. He is a personal employee of Trump. And Giuliani has already admitted he is/was trying to get an investigation started on the Biden's in Ukraine. Trump can't spin it any other way now.

Irrespective of the timeline, the call is damning. Add the mysterious timing on the withholding of aid, I believe the Democrats are not only justified in bringing about an impeachment proceeding, Pelosi didn't have an ethical choice.

Here is a link to the transcript:
point 1. he says this about almost everyone except for his rivals.

point 2. because tweedle dee needs tweedle dum

the call itself isnt damming unless you want it to be and you spin it that way.

Heres the way i see it. He wasnt asking Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden; in Trump's mind, he already has that dirt on Biden. He is asking him to explain what happened to the US AG so that then they can get Biden. Biden pressuring a foreign nation to drop an investigation into his son and withholding aid would be something that the US AG would look into. This isnt a "We need some dirt on Biden like hookers peeing on him", this is a "We need the information you have regarding a situation we are already looking at". This is how investigations work, and is no different than any of the investigations on Trump. This would be different than the Steele Dossier, or any of the other scandals that were dug up trying to look for an issue while not knowing what was out there.
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