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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
Says stare decisis? Nearly every single sitting president over the last several decades, plus hundreds of congressman and senators have been charged with campaign finance law violations by the FEC and not a single one of them has been impeached because of it.

Finally, on top of all of that, the FEC can't currently hold a quorum, hence why Illian Omar hasn't been fined for anything. As such, they don't really have any power to do anything right now either.
I don't think you understand what stare decisis means. If there was a court ruling that stated that violations of campaign finance laws do not constitute a "high crime or misdemeanor", that would be stare decisis. The mere lack of political will to seek impeachment on the basis of violations of campaign finance laws does not implicate stare decisis. That's like saying if a prosecutor does not seek charges against a shoplifter, that means shoplifting must be legal.