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Kind of a big deal

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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
  • the navigation uses WIFI/WLAN (not Bluetooth as some of you might think): as long as WIFI/WLAN is active on your smartphone and a connection made to the "Head-Up Screen" network, you'll have no langer access to Internet and won't receive incoming Internet messages (e-mails, Whatsapp, bbm, Facebook, etc.); you can still make phone calls, of course; on longer journeys, each time you take a break, just briefly switch off WIFI/WLAN on your smartphone to allow your messages to enter (well, as several may remark, it's safer anyway to read messages while not driving); on the contrary, SATNAV does not block your Internet messages;
Will the Garmin Sat Nav app on your Samsung Phone work (drive the Nav part of the display through WLAN) while not connected to 3G? Is this something you could try for us? I'd be most interested if I can use the NAV function with all kinds of data downloaded, but not if it needs constant connection via 3G (for what purpose?).