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Originally Posted by NYAWE60 View Post
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I think we're all agreeing no one is buying the M550
Why would you say that? The take rate on the F10 550i was pretty high. Even the E60 550i had a lots of customers and those cars easily exceeded $60K. The M550i is a bargain in my opinion. A bone stock G90 M5 will be almost $100K, if not more. Thats going to be a $25-30K difference at the bare minimum.
Hell, my 08 550i was only middlingly optioned and stickered at 72. Pricing out a nice M550i at ~85 and assuming ill be close to invoice seems like a great(ish) deal considering the massive step up in every area (except maybe handling - the cars i tested didnt have the upgraded m550 suspension).

But we still dont know how us pricing will look on the m5...