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It's funny.

I've been on the Internet since the beginning. I'm 65 years old and have been a member of many discussion boards.

I do not think I have ever seen a post talking about the cost/price of a Rolex.

Most of what I see/do is try to save a buck by gutting the cats out of a Harley header. Or a DIY brake fluid swap on a ABS equipped Harley.

Now admittedly Harley leaves a lot of HP and TQ on the table due to EPA rules, and we/I like to recover that by a new cam, headers, and a tune (Tuner hardware runs $500-$600 and the Dyno man will get $400 to $500). But one can code a BMW for $25 in hardware and $35 in software. Go figure. I don't know if one can self tune the motor ECM on the BMW.

But this owning a BMW is sure a different animal. I do like reading post from around the world by folks that are moderately wealthy. I live on $3600 a month and consider myself "comfortable."
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